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Above all, Felicia (2009) | Moving forward (2014)

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There is no place like home. As long as you know where the heart is.

Moving forward (2014)
Many people live far away from their family in nowadays globalised society. Talking on the phone is the only way Lavinia, a young Romanian immigrant living in the Netherlands, can bridge the thousands kilometres distance with her sick mom. In the wake of Easter celebrations, the longing for each other's presence becomes acute. Between laughter and tears, mother and daughter talk about every day activities, dreams, loneliness, death, the meaning of life and the inner strength to go over all challenges life reserves.
Directed by Andreea Dumitriu, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht
Followed by a Q&A with filmmakers
Above all, Felicia (2009)
There is no place like home. As long as you know where the heart is.
Felicia's departure day (after the annual visit to her parents in Bucharest) is very tight: packing too late, an elaborate breakfast and the father's fear that he will not live to see her again. On top, her sister calls to say she can't drive her to the airport.
She misses her return plane to Amsterdam and while trying to rebook her ticket, Felicia is confronted with her two families (her ex-husband and her child in Holland & her father and sister in Bucharest). All this and the disrupted communication with her mother reveal the painful ordeal Felicia had to go through in the last 19 years of separation from her family.Co-directed by Razvan Radulescu (RO) and Melissa de Raaf (NL)
Dutch premiere