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Spotlight: Romania. 2

GROTE ZAAL | Online €7 | Kassa €8

A silent film, live music special performance by the Catchpenny Ensemble.

Spotlight: Romania. 2 returns in November and gives the stage to cinema and music. The festival will unfold every Tuesday evening at DNR with award winning films, exciting documentaries, heartfelt music in live performances, guests and talks, plus the extra-special event “Brancusi Filmed. Brancusi Composed” (silent film, live music). All films are in Romanian with English subtitles.
Follow our program for more events and updates. Spotlight: Romania takes place every fall in The Hague and brings forward the vibrant and creative contemporary Romania through cinema, photography, music, performative and visual arts.19:00 - 19:40 | DIEPE | 140 years later: Brancusi filmed, Brancusi composed
Silent film, live music performance co-created with the Catchpenny Ensemble."Brancusi filmed" (1923-1939) portrays Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi in a unique manner. The five composers of the Catchpenny Ensemble were inspired and looked for the red threads that tie the movie together to create ‘Brancusi composed’.20:00 - 21:30 | GROTE ZAAL | The Shukar Collective Project (Matei Alexandru Mocanu , 2011)
In a visually challenging and noncomformist manner, the film follows the coming together and evolution of the music phenomena Shukar Collective. The film touches the contact and clash between cultures: old and new, traditional and avantgarde, electronic music and music made with spoons and barrels, gypsies and romanians.

The Shukar Collective Project HBO Trailer from Matei-Alexandru Mocanu on Vimeo.