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DNR Sessions

With The Scroll Ensemble


Improvisation inspired by John Playford's 17th century publications.

The coming months the Nieuwe Regentes will have live music every Wednesday night at 9pm. Each week a different group of musicians from a variety of musical backgrounds will be performing for you on an improvised stage in the Tearoom. Come have a drink and enjoy this wonderful weekly event together with us. See you soon!

In the past improvisation was just as important as it is today in jazz and pop music. Bach and Mozart were best known as improvisers in their time.

The Scroll Ensemble improvises on grounds and bass lines inspired by 17th Century English publications by John Playford, 'The Division Violin' and 'The English Dancing Master'.  After that you are invited to join in improvising on Passacaglia and Folia. Bring your instrument!

"What this group does is completely unique. Noone else in 'classical music' dares to undertake the feat of improvising whole concerts as a group. If you like the spirit of Jazz, India Ragas,Arabic Taqsim, or if you are simply a fan of wonderfully played baroque music, they are for you" (Kati Debretzeni Concertmeester Sir John Eliot Gardiner).
Scroll Ensemble, www.thescrollensemble.com