Let op: vanaf 1 juni gaat het theater beperkt open met proefvoorstellingen. Zodra het programma bekend is, vindt u hier meer informatie terug. Wegens corona worden speciale maatregelen genomen, lees hier meer.


DNR Sessions

DOT quartet


An improvised jazz influenced show.

The coming months the Nieuwe Regentes will have live music every third tuesday of the month at 9pm. Each week a different group of musicians from a variety of musical backgrounds will be performing for you on an improvised stage in the Tearoom. Come have a drink and enjoy this wonderful weekly event together with us. See you soon!

DOT Quartet
Violonists Pablo Rodriguez, Chris Kosides, violist Yanna Pelser and cellist Iván Nogueira from DOT quartet who will perform an improvised jazz influenced show.

Raised with a classical background, they started to investigate the possibilities of a string quartet in non-classical music such as jazz and world music. They compose and produce their own music, influenced by great jazz figures and ensembles such as the Turtle Island Quartet, Pat Metheny, Duke Ellington and Cole Porter, among others. The result is a new sound concept for the string quartet, along with the presence of  improvisation and freshness in performances.