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Sounds of Silence - 3rd edition

Silent film & live music festival - Day 3

GEBOUW | Verschillende prijzen

Silent film masterpieces accompanied by live music.

Sounds of Silence festival for silent films and live music will celebrate its third edition in February 2017; exposing the profound art of silent cinema and exploring its interaction with contemporary sound. As in previous editions, we will show silent film masterpieces accompanied by live music by superb musicians who come from a variety of musical styles. This year the festival will extend silent cinema further into the realms of performing arts and immersive technologies.
The third and closing day of the festival will reflect upon the development of silent cinema, starting with a contemporary wild homage to the silent era of film and ending with a live jazz performance which captures the vibe of the “roaring 20s”. Attention! Tickets online are cheaper.
1 film/performance: 14,50 euro (12,50 online, 10 for students)
Regular film: 6 euro (5 online)
All-in ticket: 52 Euro (50 online, 40 for students) Buy All-in ticket 16:00 | GROTE ZAAL | Film | 99 minutes | 
La Antena (Esteban Sapir, 2007, Argentina)
The City without a Voice is ruled by Mr. TV. He has taken the inhabitants’ voices and is in total control of all spoken words and images, forcing everyone to eat his own brand of TV-food.A completely unique take on silent cinema in this fairy-tale like story by Argentinean director Esteban Sapir, beautifully shot in black-and-white and practically without dialog, it is a feast for the eye and a must for lovers of German expressionist cinema, with most of the nods to the works of Fritz Lang and Friedrich Murnau. La Antena is a striking piece of cinema; a visually breathtaking experience that displays great energy and humour whilst narrating a powerful cautionary tale.19:30 |GROTE ZAAL | Film + Live music | 109 minutes 
Pandora’s Box (Georg Wilhelm Pabst, 1929, Germany)
The rise and inevitable fall of an amoral but naive young woman whose insouciant eroticism inspires lust and violence in those around her.
Master of early German cinema, G. W. Pabst lurid, controversial melodrama is sensationally modern. Daring and stylish, Pandora’s Box is one of silent cinema’s great masterworks and a testament to actress Louise Brooks’s dazzling individuality.Music by Dan Nicholas, Bob Wijnen and Niek de Bruijn
The trio of Dan Nicholas, Bob Wijnen and Niek de Bruijn will perform a jazz concert inspired by the film’s late 20s style. Their approach will involve both thematic materials and improvised interpretation, spontaneously performed based on the film’s trajectory, moving from acoustic jazz sounds to extended electronic instruments. Besides being renowned jazz musicians, all three band members happen to be film buffs, and site such film composers such as Bernard Herman and Ennio Moricone as their influence.More information: http://soundsofsilencefestival.nl/http://soundsofsilencefestival.nl/