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Coonskin (Ralph Bakshi, 1975)

KETELHUIS | Online €5 | Kassa €6

"A Masterpiece" - New York Times

After many black and white films we showed during February, it’s time to pop up the screen with some color! Nothing is more fitting than dedicating March to beautiful animation films –all from different countries, periods and styles.   

Coonskin (Ralph Bakshi, 1975)

Rabbit, a country-born trickster, takes over the organized crime racket in Harlem, facing opposition from the institutionalized racism of the Mafia and corrupt police.

Combining live-action with animation, Coonskin utilizes a number of references to various elements from African American culture, ranging from African folk tales to the work of cartoonist George Herriman, and satirizes racist stereotypes, Song of the South, and The Godfather.

Ralph Bakshi’s infamous movie was marketed as the first animated blaxploitation film. When the film came out it was picketed and even boycotted. As a result, Paramount Pictures limited its theatrical run. But with the passing of time this once notorious film gained a reputation as one of Bakshi’s finest and most daring films.