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Palestinorama! | Day 2

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A broad panoramic view of Palestinian culture

Di 12 sep | 19:30 | GEBOUW | Online €5 | Kassa €6

Exhibition: ‘No-man's-land’ by Roman Rozenberg | Film: 'Beyond the Walls'

Palestinorama! is a festival dedicated to show a broad panoramic view of Palestinian culture, including Palestinian cinema, live music, art, food and more. We are excited to announce the 2nd edition of the festival under the theme of Coexistence: focusing on films and music made by Israelis and Palestinians, Arabs and Jews, who together create bridges for peace.

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19:30 - 20: 15 | Ketelhuis | Exhibition: ‘No-man's-land’ by Roman Rozenberg

A city once separated by barbed wire and belts of mines. Physical borders that are now replaced with invisible ones. Divided by religious, ethnical, political and economic lines. Jerusalem/Al Quds today remains the core issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The six days war has reformed the borders and solidified local lived realities of the people on unequal terms. 

The ‘No-man’s land’ project is an alternative image of the reality, as it occurs 50 years after the war from Monday to Saturday of June 2017. Reflecting not on 'what is there'that we see, but on 'what else is there'that we don't see, and more importantly on 'what could there be'in the future.

In between borders, in between the past and the future, in between the seen and the unseen – ‘No-man’s land examines the relationship between territories, its inhabitants and the passage of time. In other words, what is sovereignty over a space, its exclusive ownership, after the people have vanished? We are all only temporary visitors, fleeting passengers of time. What then remains of the places that we are willing to kill and die for?

Roman Rozenberg is an Israeli independent photographer born in Azerbaijan. He focuses primarily on phenomena of collective identities, how they emerge and their physical and ideological repercussions. His latest projects tend to blend practices of documentary photography with layers of fictional and imaginative. It seeks to retrace and reimagine alternative realities that are hiding behind the ones revealing themselves to us as ‘facts on the ground’.

His first documentary series “Infiltrators” was awarded the Israeli Press Award ‘Local Testimony” and was shown as part of a group exhibition in the Eretz-Israel Museum in Tel Aviv. 

His photojournalistic work covering Turkey and Ukraine was published in the New York Times, Die Welt, STERN, Guardian, Haaretz, Global Post, NPR, Huffington Post and other national and international publications.

web: www.romanrozenberg.com

20:15 - 22:00 | Ketelhuis | Film: Beyond the Walls (Uri Barbash, 1984) + Talk
Before the film, the festival’s producers, Muawiyah Shehadeh and Amir Vodka, will have a conversation with the audience about the film’s implications on the Israeli society of the time.

In an Israeli prison, a race war threatens to erupt between two gangs. Jewish criminals, including drug users and rapists, are imprisoned next to Palestinians political prisoners, and the hostility is only escalated by the interference of prison security, who frame the Arabs for the murder of a Jewish prisoner. The two rival camps -- headed by Israeli Uri (Arnon Zadock) and Palestinian  Issan (Mohammed Bakri) -- decide to form an unlikely union that may or may not put a stop to the bloodshed.

The film’s prison environment is a micro cosmos of Israel’s society and its social and racial tensions. A rough portrait of the Israeli society of the time, which showed a Palestinian Arab in a main role for the first time in the history of Israeli cinema.

In Hebrew with English subtitles.