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Palestinorama! | Day 4

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A broad panoramic view of Palestinian culture

Di 26 sep | 19:30 | GROTE ZAAL | Online €10 | Kassa €12

Concert | Film: Dancing Arabs

Palestinorama! is a festival dedicated to show a broad panoramic view of Palestinian culture, including Palestinian cinema, live music, art, food and more. We are excited to announce the 2nd edition of the festival under the theme of Coexistence: focusing on films and music made by Israelis and Palestinians, Arabs and Jews, who together create bridges for peace.

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19:30 - 20:00 | Grote Zaal | Concert: Palestinian, Arab and Jewish music by Amer Shanati, Karim Darwish, Jakob Jakobović and Yotam Gaton
A unique meeting of Palestinian/Arabs and Israeli/Jews who together will perform traditional pieces of each other's culture - from Palestinian traditional music to Klezmer and beyond. 

Bios:Amer Shanati is a Palestinian musician, born in Syria, now living in the Hague/Netherlands. He plays the Ud (“Arabic Lute”), a composer and a music Teacher. Amer studied at the Music Institute in Homs/Syria, and Music Education at the Royal Conservatoire in the Hague/Netherlands. He wrote two books: “Eastern Musical Theories” and “Reading the Musical Pieces”.

Karim Darwish is a percussionist, born in the Hague to a Dutch mother and a Palestinian father. For many years he was a member of the Iraqi Maqam ensemble of the renewed Iraqi Maqam singer Farida Mohammed Ali.

Yotam Gaton is a violin player, born in Israel and currently based in The Hague. He performs with various chamber music ensembles, playing as concertmaster and principal second violins leader with the finest ensembles. Yotam holds degrees from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and the Royal Conservatory of the Hague where he completed his Master studies.

Jakob Jakobović is a flute player based in Den Haag. His current projects include klezmer duo Schlemiel & Schlimazel where he sings in Yiddish in addition to playing flutes, and the band Omega Impact, with whom he has toured and recorded in Poland. In addition to playing klezmer and assorted folk music, Jakob often premieres new works of living composers and participates in experimental music collaborations.

20:15 – 22:00 | Grote Zaal |Film: Dancing Arabs (Eran Riklis, 2014)
A Palestinian boy is sent to a prestigious boarding school in Jerusalem, where he struggles with issues of language, culture, and identity. Strongest film in years by director Eran Riklis (Lemon Tree, The Syrian Bride ), based on a semi-autobiographical novel by renowned Israel-based Palestinian writer Sayed Kashua. The film is a heart-tugging drama about cultures that can both collide and embrace. 

In English, Arabic and Hebrew, with English subtitles.