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DNR Filmclub | Brazilian Month | Araby

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João Dumans & Affonso Uchoa (2017)

Di 5 jun | 20:15 | GROTE ZAAL | Online €5 | Kassa €6 | Ooievaarspas 50% korting

Films, telling stories that deserve to be listened to, cherished, and remembered.

The month of June will be dedicated to a selection of Brazilian movies spanning the last two decades. While Brazil has steadily held an important position in film festivals around the world, only the occasional production gets the attention it deserves. This program hopes to highlight movies of all shapes and forms that offer a fresh take not only on the reality of Brazil and its people, but on filmmaking itself. Reflecting filmmaking’s own need to tell stories, the movies selected for this month are all centered in characters telling their own tales - be it through letters, diaries, or monologues. We all have a story to tell, and these films have stories that deserve to be listened to, cherished, and remembered.
The program is in collaboration with the Brazilian curator Francisco Vergueiro Martins Fontes, who will introduce the films.
All films are in Portugese with English subtitles.

Araby (João Dumans & Affonso Uchoa, 2017)
A story within a story, Araby starts by following the day-to-day life of André, a young boy who lives in an industrial neighborhood in Ouro Preto. After a worker suffers an accident at the local factory, André finds the man’s diary and can’t help but read it. From that moment on the film becomes a road movie, following Cristiano as he travels across Brazil looking for odd jobs. Beautiful and melancholic, with a simple and yet inventive narrative structure, the film shows a side of Brazil not commonly explored on screen, delivering a fresh and effective look at the country’s social and economic hardships.

De filmprogrammering in De Nieuwe Regentes is mogelijk gemaakt met hulp van Fonds 1818.

Arábia | Trailer - English subtitles from Katásia Filmes on Vimeo.