Modern Body Festival 2018

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Za 3 nov | 20.15 uur GEBOUW | Kaartverkoop via gezelschap

International intermedia art festival | MUSIC | DANCE | THEATER | ART | ROBOTICS

Modern Body Festival 2018 is an international intermedia event at the convergence of cutting-edge art, technology, and performance organized by artists Stephanie Pan and Stelios Manousakis. The festival presents new commissions and exclusive Dutch and international premieres. The festival features multidisciplinary works from renowned and emerging artists, such as The Constitute, Tivon Rice, Julian Hetzel and Meinhardt-Krauss-Feigl.
Capacity is limited, so book early!

20:15 Vibration
20:45 Intermission 
21:15 The Automated Sniper

Vibration - Rita Góbi (RS/HU) & Ryuji Yamaguchi (JP/JO)
Vibration is a physical poetry of the live body that explores attraction, repulsion, and irregular rhythms.

The Automated Sniper – Julian Hetzel (NL/DE)
The prize-winning participatory theater performance The Automated Sniper by Julian Hetzel (NL/DE) is a gripping work on the ethics of modern warfare at a distance, militainment, and the gamification of violence. It involves 3 performers, the audience, a Baghdad-based gamer/drone operator, and an internet-controlled sniper paintball gun.

Also available to be seen during the performance event is a newly commissioned installation by Tivon Rice exploring Artificial Intelligence, 3D visualization, and algorithmic storytelling.

About the theme: Alien Bodies
With ALIEN BODIES, the festival wants to seek, confront and empathize with the alien, whether the alien is our environment, objects and matter, man-made technological aliens (robots, AIs) or alien human beings in places near or remote who have become the invisible or undecipherable other. We recognize that first and foremost the notion of the Alien is related to fear. From the ‘illegal aliens that invade our countries’ to our fear of robots and AI, this fear is deeply human. Modern Body Festival’s approach aims to overcome it.

Modern Body Festival is also already active between October 26-28; visitors can visit our free exhibition in the heart of downtown The Hague, at The Grey Space in the Middle.


Het Modern Body Festival 2018 is een grensverleggend en multidisciplinair kunstfestival, georganiseerd door kunstenaars Stelios Manousakis en Stephanie Pan. Het festival presenteert Nederlandse én internationale premières; expositie en performances. 

Op 2 en 3 november presenteert het Modern Body Festival vol trots een performance event in De Nieuwe Regentes. Ervaar een selectie van explosieve, grensverleggende en interactieve optredens waaronder een verbluffende act waarbij de combinatie van dans, 3D video mapping, sensoren en live electronische muziek de dansers omvormen tot cyber-marionetten…

Nieuwsgierig? Kom kijken en ervaar het zelf! In het Modern Body Festival wordt de ‘modern body’ gezocht in kunstvormen die samenkomen binnen de disciplines nieuwe media, dans, muziek, installaties, interactieve kunst, performances, theater, architectuur, robotica, bio-kunst en videokunst.