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Spotlight Romania | Celebration

Kids Workshops

Za 1 dec | 10.00 -12.00 uur KETELHUIS | Online €12 | Kassa €14 | Ooievaarspas 50%

All workshoptickets include a very nice Romanian lunch!

MY FIRST ANIMATION (6-10 years old) |
How can you make a drawing move from paper to the big screen? Film director Vera Suratel joins us at Spotlight: Romania #4 with a workshop where kids will discover the first steps and secrets of making a basic animated film from their own drawings.  

Vera Suratel studied film directing in Bucharest. She already made several short films and animations, and her film The Fox and the Raven (Vulpea si Corbul) was screened at Spotlight: Romania last year. Vera has extensive experience in working with kids as she led many similar workshops at Kinodiseea International Film Festival.

MY FIRST SOUNDTRACK (7-14 years old) | (Uitverkocht)
SGOMOT is a creative workshop unfolding as a musical playground. Created by Catalin Matei for his daughter and her kindergarten friends, SGOMOT is available for kids who want to explore the power of noise-making devices and to learn the first notions of sound design. At Spotlight: Romania, Catalin will teach the kids how create a soundtrack for an animated film.

Also known as the Sillyconductor, Catalin Matei is a sound designer, musician and composer. He created soundtracks for silent films and for international fashion shows and he performed at various international music and art festivals and museums (Rokolectiv Festival Bucharest, TodaysArt Festival The Hague, Insomnia Festival Norway, MuseumsQuartier Vienna, Abrons Arts Center New York City).

The Great Unification was a significant event in Romania’s history, but what do our kids make of it today? Patricia Nistor takes over the challenge of sparking the kids’ curiosity about the big events that took place around December 1st 1918 and in the following century. A kids-size non-formal history lesson, completely removed from dusty old books, this interactive workshop is set to make them discover history and provoke their imagination. Through a specially-curated set of archive images and activities, Patricia guides them to discover historical stories and key moments. 

Patricia studied art history in the UK and is now doing a research masters in arts and culture at Leiden University. Because of her interest in making big stories accessible, during last year’s Spotlight she held a short presentation about the history of Romanian children’s cinema.

A fun workshop for those little creative minds who love expressing themselves through means of colors and paper. Under the kind and experienced guidance of painter Misu Kirilla, at Spotlight: Romania they’ll get the chance to draw-play 100 years of Romanian history and some of the characters that made it possible.

Mihai Kirilla is a visual artist who makes murals, street art, portraiture, decorative arts and mixed media. His passion for drawing started in early childhood and led him to graduate with a masters from the  the Art and Design University in Cluj. He is currently living and working in Amsterdam.