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Spotlight Romania | Celebration (uitverkocht)

Lunch & Dinner

Za 1 dec | 12.00 -20.30 uur GEBOUW | €8 / €15

Soup & Pie | Ciorba /'ʧio̯r.bə/ | 100 years of Romanian food

LUNCH | SOUP & PIE | 13:30 - 15:00 UUR | €8 | TICKETS

Ciorba /'ʧio̯r.bə/ is a type of soup that is an essential part of the Romanian cultural fabric. Ciorba belongs to common everyday life, as well as to all and any important events in a family’s existence, from baptisms to birthdays and weddings, all the way to funerals. Dating back to Persian times, we like to think that ciorba has been Romanian forever. We can’t prove that’s true, but we can promise that it is the dish that unites everyone around the table. So join us at Spotlight:Romania around a table full of Romanian soup served with traditional pie made by Chef Florentina Gavriluta.

And as this special occasion requires, we’re also inviting our dear friend Lavinia Tanase, crowned queen of cakes and sweetbreads (cozonaci) and of all delicious things. For this lunch, she’ll bake her version of a 1918 bread, serve it hot from the oven and share with us the history of the Romanian bread.

DINNER | 100 YEARS OF ROMANIAN FOOD | 18:30 - 20:30 UUR | €15,- (uitverkocht)
Introducing: The Spotlight dinner! This new festival item will be presented as a selection of Romanian traditional deli food, navigating through different periods of time and extracted from regional recipes. Delights for the connoisseurs, surprises for the newcomers.

The food at Spotlight is made by Florentina Gavriluta and her troop of excellent mother cooks.