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DNR Filmclub | Gomorrah (Matteo Garrone, 2008)

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New Italian Cinema

Di 17 sep | 20.15 uur GROTE ZAAL | Online €6 | Kassa €7 | Ooievaarspas 50%

With lectures by Jeroen Bons

Gomorrah (Matteo Garrone, 2008)
Matteo Garrone’s “Gomorrah” is a stark, shocking vision of contemporary gangsterdom, and one of cinema’s most authentic depictions of organized crime. In this tour de force adaptation of undercover Italian reporter Roberto Saviano’s best-selling exposé of Naples’ Mafia underworld (known as the Camorra), Garrone links five disparate tales in which men and children are caught up in a corrupt system that extends from the housing projects to the world of haute couture. Filmed with an exquisite detachment interrupted by bursts of violence, Gomorrah is a shattering, socially engaged true-crime story from a major new voice in Italian cinema.

- In Italian with English subtitles.

With lectures by Jeroen Bons
Jeroen Bons completed his Master’s degree in Film Studies at the University of Amsterdam. With a notable love and fascination for Rome and Italian film history, he wrote his thesis on an aesthetic turn in Italian film history from (neo)realism to contemporary forms of aesthetic spectacle. During this project, he received a scholarship for a research stay at the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome. After graduating in 2019, he is now committing to a life as a screenwriter at the Netherlands Film Academy.

Rethinking Neorealism: Gomorra