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Spotlight: Romania | Film and Identity

Lunch & Dinner

Zo 1 dec | 12.30 & 17.30 uur | GEBOUW | Early Bird (tot 20/11) €14 | Regular €16

Romanian Streetfood

The food programme of Spotlight: Romania Film Festival previous edition was completely sold out ahead of time! Capitalising on that success, we are bringing you a fresh new menu, that still includes all the crowd favourites but also brings some surprises!

ROMANIAN LUNCH | 12.30 - 15.30 | EARLY BIRD €14 (until November 20th) | REGULAR €16
1st of December, the last day of the festival, opens with a simple classic: ciorbă /'ʧio̯r.bə/. This Romanian version of soup is an essential part of the cultural fabric. Ciorbă belongs to everyday life, as well as to all and any important events in a family’s existence, from baptisms to birthdays and weddings, all the way to funerals. Dating back to Persian times, we like to think that ciorba has been Romanian forever. We can’t prove that’s true, but we can promise that it is the dish that unites everyone around the table. So join us at Spotlight:Romania around a table full of Romanian soup served with traditional pie made by cook Florentina Gavriluta.

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DINNER | ROMANIAN STREETFOOD | 17.30 - 19.30 | EARLY BIRD €14 (untill December 20th) | REGULAR €16
Think of that ‘street food’ feel but imagine it inside, protected from the rain! Think crowd favourites like pulled pork but re-imagined by a Romanian cook! Key word: tochitură (plus one veggie version, naturally). Tochitură is a traditional dish stew-like dish made from beef or pork normally in tomato sauce, served with over-easy eggs and polenta. However, we are skipping the popular polenta this time and giving the stew a new lease of life as a sandwich. If you love a contemporary spin on old-school dishes, you will not be able to resist this one!

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These movies are part of the festival Spotlight: Romania which takes place in several locations the Hague 27 Nov - 1 Dec. See their full program on www.eastwards.nl/festival and the programme at De Nieuwe Regentes HERE.