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Lieutenant Benz | UITVERKOCHT

Dimitar Dimov

Za 29 feb | 19.00 uur GROTE ZAAL | Kaarteverkoop via gezelschap

An infinite universe inhabited by bright and dramatic human characters

Elena Petrasheva is a paradoxical combination between innocence and vice, she is endowed with enviable personal qualities, topped with moral degradation. A mixture of European and Oriental feminine infatuation.

Lieutenant Benz is her victim and executioner, he knows the moments when love's passions turn into despair, leading to cruelty, to the gloomy pleasure of hurting, tormenting and punishing the beloved woman.

He is torn from adoration to deaf hostile joy, to madness, which prepares for "the outbreak of his pride with all its pernicious consequences"
Lieutenant Benz, Tobacco, Condemned Souls are novels vivid evidence that Dimitar Dimov is a cosmopolitan who has described in his works his infinite universe inhabited by bright and dramatic human characters.