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DNR Filmclub | Y Tu Mamá También

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June: Road Movies | Alfonso Cuarón, 2001

Woe 24 jun | 20.15 uur GROTE ZAAL | €10,- incl. drankje

Open paths, movement and human encounters.

Excited to screen movies again, the month of June will be dedicated to road movies. After the long lockdown, these movies give what we need most: open paths, movement and human encounters.

Y Tu Mamá También (Alfonso Cuarón, 2001)
This smash road comedy from Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuarón is that rare movie to combine raunchy subject matter and emotional warmth. Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna shot to international stardom as a pair of horny Mexico City teenagers from different classes who, after their girlfriends jet off to Italy for the summer, are bewitched by a gorgeous older Spanish woman (Maribel Verdú) they meet at a wedding. When she agrees to accompany them on a trip to a faraway beach, the three form an increasingly intense and sensual alliance that ultimately strips them both physically and emotionally bare. Shot with elegance and dexterity by the great Emmanuel Lubezki, Y tu mamá también is a funny and moving look at human desire.

- In Spanish with English subtitles.