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DNR Filmclub | Rebel without a cause

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Nicholas Ray, 1955

Woe 1 jul | 20.15 uur GROTE ZAAL | €10,- incl. drankje

Summer, love, and trouble in 1950s America.

Summer, love, and trouble in 1950s America
Approaching the summer vacation and already feeling the taste of freedom, during the month of July we’ll show 3 American masterpieces from the 1950s that are hot to a boiling point.

Rebel without a cause (Nicholas Ray, 1955)
Director Nicholas Ray’s mythic saga of teen disobedience and alienation in 1950s America made James Dean and co-star Natalie Wood instant cultural icons. Ray’s use of color and the CinemaScope screen remains groundbreaking, rivaling Hitchcock for striking frame compositions and bold symbolism. An indelible vision of a pretty 1950s America with a searing crack in it, it’s a movie so audacious it can only be poetry, a kind of cinematic free verse.