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DNR Filmclub | Freaks Freaks (Tod Browning, 1932)

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do 14 okt | 20.15 uur | GROTE ZAAL | €10 (one drink included) |

& short animation movie Cat Soup (Tatsuo Satō, 2001) 

Real sideshow performers star in this grotesque revenge drama set against a circus backdrop. A trapeze artist plans to wed and then murder a midget for his fortune. When his fellow ‘freaks’ discover her scheme, she becomes the target of their horrifying vengeance.

The film was banned in many countries for more than thirty years, yet in 1994 it was selected for the National Film Registry’s archives, and now enjoys both cult and canon status. It’s a film both of its time and ahead of its time, extending the definition of ‘sympathetic characters’ way beyond a 1932 audience’s limits.

Cat Soup (Tatsuo Satō, 2001) 
A Japanese animated short experimental film directed by Tatsuo Satō, based on the manga created by Nekojiru. The surreal film follows Nyatta, an anthropomorphic kitten, on his travel to the land of the dead and back in an effort to save his sister's soul.

Sometimes described as "Hello Kitty on Acid", this film not only explores the far reaches of modern Japanese animation with absolutely boggling effects, but delves deep into the branches of the human mind, soul, and philosophy.