Altered States Festival | THURSDAY

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Immerse yourself in the world of the psychedelic

do 10 nov | GEBOUW |

Live concert, fire ceremony, light installation and many more!

19:00 | Outside | Opening Fire ceremony
19:30 | Diepe | The Open Loop | Light installation + Audio | Marco Brouwers (Co2RO) & Julian Edwardsen
20:45 | Grote Zaal | Altered States of Vision: the Psychoactive Properties of Psychedelic Films | Lecture + Screening | Ido Hartogsohn 

All Days
* Studio: Immersive Utopia | Art, VR and Installation by Sander Bos 
* Ketelhuis: Equilibrium | Art Installation by Joeri Bonsel, Josef Rebbe, Tom Giles, Henk Gunneman and Vince Vijsma
* Kleine Zaal: Undular bore | Installation by Maarten Keus


19:00 | Outside | Opening Fire ceremony | Experimental Electronic Music by Hilde Wollestein 

Sense of Fire will open Altered States festival with a fire performance out in the street, at the Regentesseplein - summoning the transformative magic of fire to expand our consciousness and prepare us for the journey ahead. Miroslav Zach and Malwina Kowalska are fire magicians that often perform their art in ritualistic settings, as they evoke the awe, the danger, and the beauty of fire. Hilde Wollenstein will musically interpret the ceremony with experimental electronic music.


19:30 | Diepe | The Open Loop The Open Loop | Live Sound Light Treatment | Co2RO & Julian Edwardes

Welcome to The Open Loop, a high quality audio-visual entrainment (AVE) spa. The Open Loop combines the necessary principles of brainwave entrainment so that the visitor may be safely and effectively guided into various states of consciousness. Through the use of strong stroboscopic lights, visual patterns are projected on the retina, resulting in colour pallets. The light patterns are combined with electronic soundscapes to create a full synaesthetic experience. We are confident your visit is not only an enjoyable, relaxing experience, but also beneficial as you explore heightened states of consciousness and personal awareness. The Open Loop is non-invasive, and no electrical current is passed through to the user. All resulting effects are produced in the brain solely by audio/visual stimuli. The Open Loop is designed to support you in your quest for wellness by promoting various areas of the brain to work together in a harmonious fashion. Through the experience of AVE, you may experience yourself in a new and beneficial way. Users of The Open Loop typically experience deep relaxation while feeling more energized, visual images, colours and patterns, the sense of feeling “grounded” and calm and the boost of mental clarity when resolving problems.

WARNING | We recommend that people with a history of epilepsy and/or photic epilepsy or using any drugs (prescription or recreation) not participate. If you are a first-time Open Loop visitor, we advise that you always remain seated or reclined during the session. If, at any time, you begin to feel vertigo, nausea, or a sense of mental instability, raise your hand and we will lower the intensity of the light source and lower the volume of the tones and discontinue the session.

The Open Loop is a unique collaboration between Marco Broeders (concept & hardware) and Julian Edwardes (live sound). 

Marco Broeders (NL '70) graduated as an architectural designer from within the safe and institutional walls of the monastery building of the St. Joost Academy (Breda, The Netherlands).

But only in the alternative scene he discovered the inside of squats, abandoned industrial buildings and stripped factory halls to be his ‘canvas of choice’ for the portrayal of his particular spatial insights. And the sort of environment best cut out for an enlightening and dynamic ongoing investigation into alternative functions for the existing urban space.In that scene Marco, now under the moniker Co2RO, turns contrasts such as ‘light and heavy’ into manageable tools and adds these tools to an arsenal of obscure and rarely available analog projectors, lamps and the prism - the realm where Co2RO breathes life into spaces. Always within a new environment, ‘adventurous’ circumstances and using absolutely unruly methods. Every Co2RO installation is explicitly laborious, like a birth performed under extremely difficult circumstances, throwing even an experienced doctor off balance - A metaphor not as far-fetched as you might think because each time Co2RO sets up his control room, an autonomous and authentic consciousness is born and will see the light for the first time.

Julian Edwardes (UK/NL '79) is an artist and electronic musician from the Netherlands. He is a trained visual artist with a background in Fine Art at AKV St Joost in Breda and at the Sandberg Institute Amsterdam. In his music sonic entities are playfully sculpted and positioned in gritty landscapes of shifting symphonic drone. Form, language, identity and existence are assayed within a compositional network pullulated from a modular synthesizer, utilizing unstable systems and disrupted resonant bodies. He resided at the Willem Twee Studios ‘s-Hertogenbosch and EMS Stockholm, is connected to production house Intro In Situ Maastricht and performs improvised sets.

20:45 | Grote Zaal | Altered States of Vision: the Psychoactive Properties of Psychedelic Films | Lecture + Screening | Ido Hartogsohn
Altered states of vision: the psychoactive properties of psychedelic films - lecture and screening by Dr. Ido Hartogsohn

Psychedelic videos are visually entrancing creations inspired by the visual and mental phenomena induced through the ingestion of psychedelic substances like LSD, magic mushroom and DMT. Emulating the visual correlates of mind-altering experiences such as enhanced color perception, dynamic fluidity, multi-perspectivism and multi-dimensionality, these videos elicit altered states of awe, absorption and bliss. The talk will discuss the mind-altering power of psychedelic visuals, and their therapeutic applications. The talk will be followed by a screening emphasizing the role of ritual in psychedelic video watching and taking the viewers on a mind-expanding trip.

Ido Hartogsohn, Ph.D. is an acclaimed researcher and prolific author of all that concerns psychedelics, media, and everything in-between. His research engages the historical, sociological and cultural dimensions of the psychedelic experience with an emphasis on the role of context, or set and setting, in shaping psychedelic experiences for individuals and cultures at large. His book American Trip (published by MIT in 2021) explores the role of society and culture in shaping the results of mid-twentieth century American psychedelic research and the reception of psychedelics into American and global culture. Additionally, he is the mastermind and one of the curators of the most extensive website dedicated to psychedelic videos, The Daily Psychedelic Video:

Studio | Immersive Utopia | Art Installation by Sander Bos

At Altered States Festival next to his paintings and his VR apps, his newest work: Diorama: A Vision of Utopia will be shown as a premier as a physical interactive installation. 

Sander Bos is a Dutch multimedia artist. He studied fine-art in The Netherlands and graduated in 2014. Having ambitions to become an oil painter, he began experimenting with digital media

as well. Now, his endeavors vary from painting with oils and acrylics to 3D animation,

3D printing and the design Virtual Reality environments. These new technologies led to immersive and hypnotic art pieces that aims to bring the viewer into an altered state. He sees the artist as a mediator between the visible and the invisible realities. By making these dimensions visible, a new perspective on reality can be attained by the viewer. Through art we are planting seeds of consciousness exploration and playful curiosity, reclaiming our endless creative force and dissolving perceptual limitations which guide the creative journey.

Ketelhuis | Equilibrium Experience | Art Installation by Joeri Bonsel, Josef Rebbe, Tom Giles, Henk Gunneman and Vince Vijsma

In this installation wellness, spirituality and technology are coming together in the form of sound and design. Equilibrium Experience is an installation based on tactile sounds by means of a lounger equipped with strategically positioned transducers. Besides lying comfortably on the lounger, the listener is immersed in audible sounds through a quadraphonic surround system.

For this installation, Josef Rebbe and Joeri Bonsel recorded the Dutch tenor Henk Gunneman, who sang permutations of the Hebrew letters YHWH in different harmonic frequencies in a twelfth-century twelve sided chapel in Germany. By combining a special recording technique with the arrangement of four loudspeakers, the acoustics of this chapel are projected into the Ketelhuis at DNR. The edited chords sung from all 12 directions in the chapel are aligned with the 12 zodiac signs, creating spatial patterns with a mesmerizing effect. In addition to the recordings from the chapel, electronic sounds, recordings of the ocean, sand, vocals (Rugile Daujotaite), cello (Ola Renska), duduk (Benjamin Megevand), gongs and singing bowls are used. Through the tactile transducers, these sounds are also felt in the body, enabling a sensual experience and inviting the participants to enter altered states of consciousness. According to the makers of this installation, vibrations act as a bridge between consciousness and matter. In other words the vibrations allow consciousness to reshape itself inside the human body.

Josef Rebbe studied Composition and Electronic Composition at the University of Music in Cologne, Germany. He worked as a synthesizer player for Karlheinz Stockhausen’s STOP UND START under the direction of the composer. Josef received a scholarship from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) to study Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. In Amsterdam Studio STEIM, he then researched resonances of low-frequency vibration in the human body. In 2012 he founded Pyramidion, a center for healing and research in The Hague, where he developed Aquasonic Soundfloating, a new treatment method that provides a vibratory massage while floating in warm salt-water. In 2018 Josef founded Somasono together with Joeri Bonsel, an innovative company specializing in producing harmonizing sounds, and systems that enable these sounds to be felt. The medical application of their sound chair is currently being tested in a clinical study in the Department of Applied Psychology of the Saxion University in Deventer and the Department of Biological Psychology of the Radboud University in Nijmegen.

Joeri Bonsel studied Photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, graduating cum laude. In the years that followed, he realised various publications and photo exhibitions at home and abroad. In addition to his broad interest in design and visual arts, music has had a strong influence on his development. He plays alto/baritone saxophone and was part of various ensembles in the early 1990s, including the Apeldoorns Saxophone Quartet of Co de Kloet. In 1998 he became interested in the world of sound from a different angle. He heard the use of Alain Presenter's singing voice with Nepalese singing bowls. Playing with his own collection of singing bowls, he discovered the principle of resonance and the ability of the human voice to reproduce the subtleties of sounds. Since then he has been investigating the use of vocalization and its effect on body, soul and spirit. In 2002 he started his practice ZE ON inner sound response. As a consultant/coach, he supervised reintegration processes and worked until 2012 as an HR trainer at the Zilver Institute in Haarlem. He also provided awareness trainings with a self-developed technique for the voice. From 2009 he was director of the Luxor Theater in Zutphen for seven years. He successfully guided the movie theater with 60 enthusiastic volunteers through the 'cultural' crisis years and gave it a new artistic impulse. This theater now offers beautiful highlights, and is recognised as an essential amenity for the city and is firmly anchored in society.

Henk Gunneman studied singing and piano at the Conservatorium in Groningen. After receiving his UM degree in 1989, he continued his education in England with the early music specialist Nigel Rogers, and after that period at the Britten-Pears School for Advanced Musical Studies in Aldeburgh. Henk Gunneman has a wide repertoire and is much in demand as a soloist for oratorio concerts in The Netherlands - from early music to contemporary music and from time to time in opera performances. He has worked with several conductors such as Erik van Nevel and Jos van Veldhoven and with orchestras such as Het Gelders Orkest, Il Concerto Barocco and Florilegium Musicum. He sings and tours regularly with professional choirs, like the Amsterdam Baroque Choir, the Nederlands Kamerkoor in Amsterdam, Cappella Amsterdam, Groot Omroepkoor in Hilversum and the ensemble "Men's Voices". He also works as director with chamber choirs and a chamber orchestra. 

Tom Giles was born in Brighton (UK). As a teenager he started making hip hop music and continued doing so by writing, singing, producing and mixing songs for the Dutch indie-hip hop band Kern Koppen. Tom studied audio engineering at the School of Audio Engineering in Amsterdam and has been working as an audio engineer for bands and theater companies. During the lockdowns he picked up his love for building things by designing furniture and woodworking. Tom felt specifically drawn to this project because of its potential to open the listener up for a deeply emotional and spiritual experience. A purpose he felt was lacking in most musical performances as of late. That’s why he is helping Henk, Joeri, Josef and Vince with building the lounger and installing the quadraphonic sound system.

Vince Vijsma studied at the Design Academy, Eindhoven. He works in a broad field of design: graphic, product, interior, architectural, public space, animation/film and free work. In addition to his studio work, he is teaching Industrial Design at the Technical University in Delft; in the past he was a design teacher at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, Artez, Arnhem and other places. His recent work is mainly about well-being, working with therapists, and sustainability, having the “Bemoeial” approach: giving (un)requested advice to whoever he thinks has interesting projects. In this project he co-worked on the spatial design of the installation and the design and production of the sound objects.