Fleeting Impressions of Light and Shadow

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Zo 19 mrt | 16:00 uur | GROTE ZAAL | Single ticket €15 | students €10 | day pass €25

Video animation & Live Music by Hans van Koolwijk, Rianne Wilbers and Joost Bakker

Fleeting Impressions of Light and Shadow
The "Bambuso" instrument, made by Hans van Koolwijk, is a type of extremely large and modular pipe organ with bamboo flutes. It creates a very tangible atmosphere with powerful windpipe sounds. Its enormous size and striking shape make it a visual wonder even without playing. Koolwijk's slow instrumentation and ambient sound are contrasted by Rianne Wilbers' fast and abrupt vocal improvisations. Adding a layer of complexity to her rich voice, she multiplies it with electronics to weave tight and complex sound structures. 

Joost Bakker's video animation projected on the big screen of the Grote Zaal form the visual basis for this musical edifice. With his quick, hand-drawn design sketches in charcoal and graphite, he creates what he describes as "essential lightness and tender fatalism". Bakker states that "it rarely gets more beautiful than those first sketches". For this work, Joost started from scratch. "It will be a calm live animation reminiscent of the light projections that you see on the ceiling of your bedroom at night, when a cyclist or car with light passes.” 

Hans van Koolwijk
Rianne Wilbers
Joost Bakker

Deze voorstelling is onderdeel van het Sounds of Silence Festival - edition VII 2023.