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The Mirror (1975)

GROTE ZAAL | Online €5 | Kassa €6

Autobiographical film on lost innocence and emotional abandonment.

Tribute to Andrei Tarkovsky
Andrei Tarkovsky is the most famous Russian filmmaker since Eisenstein. His visionary approach to cinematic time and space, as well as his commitment to cinema as poetry, mark his oeuvre as one of the defining moments in the development of the modern art film. Although he never tackled politics directly, the metaphysical preoccupations of his films provoked ongoing hostility from the Soviet authorities. Each one of his films is strikingly uncompromising in its thematic ambition, formal boldness and radical investigations into human spirituality.

Film is in Russian with English subtitles. 

The Mirror (1975)
Tarkovsky's visually transcendent, artistically revelatory autobiographical film on lost innocence and emotional abandonment. Presented as a languidly paced, achronological cinematic montage of modern day life, personal memories, historical news footage, and dreams, Mirror is an introspective journey through the course of human existence, hope and despair, success and frailty.