Sounds of Silence Festival | The Last Laugh (1924)

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Music by Bart de Vrees, Maarten Ornstein and Miriam Overlach

Za 14 mrt | 21.30 uur GROTE ZAAL | Online €12,50 | Kassa €14,50 | Studenten €10,- | Ooievaarspas 50%

A mournful dramatization of the frustration and anguish of old age

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Online €12,50 | Kassa €14,50 | Studenten €10 | Ooievaarspas 50%| Tickets
Festival Passepartout Online €50 | Kassa  €52 | Studenten €36,- | Ooievaarspas 50% | Tickets
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Film: The Last Laugh (F.W. Murnau, Germany, 1924)
One of the crowning achievements of the German expressionist movement, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau’s The Last Laugh (Der letzte Mann) stars Emil Jannings as an aging doorman whose happiness crumbles when he is relieved of the duties and uniform which had for years been the foundation of his happiness and pride. Through Jannings’s colossal performance, The Last Laugh becomes more than the plight of a single doorman, but a mournful dramatization of the frustration and anguish of old age.

Music: Bart de Vrees (composition, percussion and electronics), Maarten Ornstein (bass-clarinet and saxophone) and Miriam Overlach (harp)