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One Floor Below (2015) Spotlight: Romania. A Film and Photography Festival

GROTE ZAAL | Online €5 | Kassa €6

A highly subtle and skilfully film about a man at odds with his conscience.

Spotlight: Romania. A Film and Photography Festival
This October we're turning all lights eastwards, and put Romanian culture in the spotlight. Spotlight: Romania is a one month cinema and photography festival, which will showcase some of the best contemporary films and photography series coming out of the country. They are guaranteed to surprise, change minds and hearts and introduce you to the real feel, the depth and charms of Romania. The festival's cinema program hosted by DNR consists of feature films from the established Romanian New Wave and several short films from emerging filmmakers. One evening is dedicated to the cult filmmaker Lucian Pintilie. All screenings are with English subtitles and will be paired with talks and Q&A’s with filmmakers and other guests from the industry.

Spotlight: Romania is completed by a large documentary photography group exhibition on show throughout October in Gemak art gallery, together with a side program centered on Migration and Cultural diversity. Spotlight: Romania is a project by the cultural initiative Eastwards, in partnership with DNR and Gemak.

One Floor Below // 2015 Directed by Radu Muntean
After being the sole unfortunate witness to a domestic quarrel that ends up in murder, Patrascu finds himself at odds with two very close neighbours: one is the bizarre murderer. The other is his very own conscience.  A moral tug-of-war between reporting a homicide and remaining silent