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DNR Sessions

The Wreck


A mix of bluegrass, folk, country and calypso.

The coming months the Nieuwe Regentes will have live music every Wednesday night at 9pm. Each week a different group of musicians from a variety of musical backgrounds will be performing for you on an improvised stage in the Tearoom. Come have a drink and enjoy this wonderful weekly event together with us. See you soon!

Walking down downtown Nashville the buzz of street musicians, and the snippets of music floating out of those age-old honky-tonks are the key influences of the folk band The Wreck. With a mix of bluegrass, folk, country and calypso, this gig guarantees songs to pull at the heartstrings and songs to get your Bojangles-dancing shoes on and "dance, dance, dance"! The band are so excited to play at De Nieuwe Regentes, as they have a personal connection with the space. The instruments are violin, guitar, cajon and bass coupled with warm four part harmony vocals. The band hope to create an atmosphere that encapsulates the feeling of belonging to a family whilst also embracing the solitude of the lone traveller charting out their own strident style and independent voice.

The Wreck bestaat uit:
Kristian Kristensen, Gitaar/zang
Anna-Liisa Springham, Gitaar/zang
David de Muynck, Drums/zang
Matthea de Muynck, Viool/zang