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Faust - Jan Svankmajer (1994)

KETELHUIS | Online €5 | Kassa €6

Bristles with magic – The New Yorker

After many black and white films we showed during February, it’s time to pop up the screen with some color! Nothing is more fitting than dedicating March to beautiful animation films –all from different countries, periods and styles.    

Faust (Jan Svankmajer, 1994)

A very free adaptation of Marlowe's 'Doctor Faustus', Goethe's 'Faust' and various other treatments of the old legend of the man who sold his soul to the devil. Svankmajer's Faust is a nondescript man who, after being lured by a strange map into a sinister puppet theatre, finds himself immersed in an indescribably weird version of the play, blending live actors, clay model animation and giant puppets.

Czech animator Jan Svankmajer is most notorious for his nightmarish combinations of live actors, puppets and clay animation. In Faust Svankmajer created his own bizarre world that is creepy yet often humorous; a surrealist masterpiece, which actually stands as a category of its own.

In Czech with English subtitles.