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The Crazy Stranger | Tony Gatlif - 1997

GROTE ZAAL | Online €5 | Kassa €6

June: Films about the Romani (Gypsy) diaspora.

The month of June will be dedicated to films about the Romani (also known as “Gypsy”) diaspora.

The Crazy Stranger | Tony Gatlif (1997)
In director Tony Gatlif's award-winning film genuinely intoxicating gypsy brew, a young French man travels to Romania in search of his recently deceased father's favorite singer, a legendary Gypsy vocalist. In hopes of tracking her down and recording her music, he ingratiates himself with the local Gypsy community. Initially suspicious of the stranger, the villagers gradually come to accept him. He, in turn, soon falls in love with one of them, a beautiful, spirited dancer.

In French, Romanian and Romani dialogue with English subtitles.