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Cell Talk | A play by Dana Bagshaw

A duologue between Julian of Norwich and Margery Kempe

Vr 23 - Za 24 - Zo 25 nov | KETELHUIS | Kassa+Online €10

The meeting of two medieval women, both wild and wise in their own way.

Vr 23 november: 20:00 -21.15 uur Tickets
Za 24 november: 20:00 -21.15 uur Tickets
Zo 25 november: 15.15 -16.30 uur Tickets

About Cell Talk
Based on true life events, the play ‘Cell Talk’ explores the meeting of two medieval women: Julian of Norwich (born 1343) and Margery Kempe (born 1373). 

Julian is a recluse, an anchoress, a mystic and author (Revelation of Divine Love) and Margery is a wild and worldly woman who also ends up as an author (Book of Margery Kempe). These two women, with different approaches and different lives, somehow come together to support and learn from each other. 

‘Cell Talk’ is a play about:

medieval childbirth (both Julian and Margery have experienced the loss of a child either to sickness or in childbirth),
disease and death (the Black Death plague),
devastation and desire for meaningful life,
conversations with God or... slowly going mad, losing your mind,
desire for celibacy, quietness, escape; to be a recluse (an anchor, anchoress) or to travel (Jerusalem, Rome,...),
temptation (Margery: “..there was this man that I desired so much that I humiliated myself....but still I desired him”),
pregnancy from rape and the fear of revealing it,
sensuality and the meaning of sin (Julian: “...sin is no shame, but an act of worship...when it brings us closer to God,...in God there is only love and compassion for the pain our sin causes us...”),
the meaning of being a heretic, a Lollard, (Julian: “God is our natural Mother,...Christ is our Mother, all wisdom, working in our flesh...”),
the difficulties of learning to read and write (especially for medieval women), in order to  understand what is happening and bring others to understanding.

Actresses: Francesca Fiorenza (as Margery Kempe), Emanuela Buccafurri (as Julian of Norwich)  - Amicable Separation Theatre Group
Production: Alan Davis