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DNR Filmclub - Palestinorama!

Q&A with Michel Khleifi

GROTE ZAAL | GRATIS (with a ticket for the main film)

Michel Khleifi is a Palestinian film writer, director and producer.

Palestinorama! Is a festival dedicated to Palestinian culture. The festival revolves around Palestinian cinema, and includes live music, art, poetry, food and more. The festival’s goal is to expose audiences to a broad panoramic view of the richness, beauty and complexity of the Palestinian cultural life. The festival is a collaboration between the theatre De Nieuwe Regentes, DNR Filmclub, Pardes Producties and Muawiya Shehadeh.

22:30 | Grote Zaal | Q&A with Michel Khleifi
Michel Khleifi (born in 1950 in Nazareth) is a Palestinian film writer, director and producer, presently based in Belgium. Khleifi emigrated to Belgium in 1970, where he studied television and theatre directing at the Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle (INSAS). After graduating from INSAS, he worked in Belgium television before turning to making his own films. He has directed and produced several documentary and feature films. He has received several awards, including the International Critics’ Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, the Golden Shell at San Sebastián International Film Festival and the André Cavens Award in 1987 for his film Wedding in Galilee. Khleifi currently teaches at INSAS.